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Edmonton: The 2nd What the Truck? Celebration of Street Food in Edmonton Sept. 16th

What the Truck? celebration of street food in Edmonton has been set for Sept. 16

OC, CA: Food Trucks Fire Up Again

The event features eight to 12 different trucks each week.

Buffalo, NY: The Roaming Buffalo has Arrived!

I'm happy to see The Roaming Buffalo join the ranks of food trucks along with R&R, The Whole Hog, Rolling Joe Café and, of course, Lloyd Taco.

Competition Heats Up for Barbecue Restaurants in Central Florida

Jones now sells the barbecue out of a truck. Another food truck called Red Eye BBQ opened this year too.

Portland: Dining Heaven at Moveable Feasts

Portland boasts more than 450 food carts — serving up everything from Swedish meatballs to Turkish falafel — and that number is growing rapidly.

What Food Trucks can Teach us About Sales

Most of the trucks are owned by regular restaurants or shops. They have added the food trucks as another option in their hunt to attract new clients.

Vancouver: B.C. Crew Hits The Road for Street Food

The Vancouver-produced lifestyle series, which premieres tonight (10:30 p.m.), criss-crossed North America for the past year looking for the best of downtown sidewalk chefs.

Mobile Food Trucks Are Coming to Memphis

The laws, they are a changin'. Recently, there was a Memphis City Council proposal to relax the restrictions on food trucks and food carts.

Jacksonville, FL: Mobile Food Pods & Downtown Revitalization

The pods become happening places where people gather for a bite. This increase in social gathering gives the neighborhood a sense of community.

St. Thomas: Food Trucks – Not Just an L.A. Phenomenon

Now, where I’m originally from (Los Angeles) food trucks are a dime a dozen, but here on the US Virgin Islands they are few and far between. There are restaurants a-plenty, but sometimes you just want some food while you’re on the go.