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Point-Of-Sale Systems: Getting What You Want, When You Want It

The POS systems of today are full featured, powerful programs that provide the end-user with an extraordinary amount of information and features.

Is a Point-Of-Sale System the Solution for your Food Truck?

"What problems do you currently have that you want the POS to resolve?"

Tweet, Tweet…. Listen Carefully To Your Customers!

AT&T network managers monitor Twitter for “AT&T”, “3G” and “iphone” for complaints as away to improve customer service. Steve Moser, network visitor program manager for AT&T says “People do not call anymore to complain so we have to use social media tools.”

P.O.S. – New or Used Equipment?

I often get asked if we sell used equipment, or systems. My answer is always no. My experience has been the fastest way to a disappointing and costly POS investment is to purchase used equipment.