Tag: P.O.S. Systems

Information and reviews of “Point Of Sale” systems specifically designed for the Mobile Food Operator.

National News: Cloud Microsoft peddles cloud-based POS for food trucks in Indonesia

EvolvePOS is a cloud-based system built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

National News: As food truck craze fades, Roaming Hunger helps boost vendors’ profits

Roaming Hunger became the go-to site and app for the budding scene. But Resnick still had little idea how to make any money save for a few online ads. Then a business model fell in his lap.

National News: Check Out This ‘Future-Proof’ Universal POS Terminal

The POS solution that a hair salon or a hotel needs is very different than a yogurt shop or a restaurant or a spa

Calgary, CAN: How the Smartphone is Changing How You Pay for Stuff

The path to one wallet, one application on your phone that holds all of your receipts and keeps track of your spending and helps you make payment from whatever card you want, is still going to be a couple of iterations away

REVEL SYSTEMS Unveils iPAD POINT-OF-SALE Solution For Food Trucks w/ Twitter Integration

A onvenient way for food truck business owners to respond to real-time conditions and attract new customers

Sizzlers Food Truck Hits the Street with ISISPOS

One unit is already in the streets, testing the gut of hungry customers.

No Cash, Card? No Problem

Why pay with cash or plastic when you can use a smartphone?

Square, the iPhone Credit Card Machine, Goes Mainstream

I started to notice Square doohickeys popping up all along eastern seaboard.