Tag: P.O.S. Systems

Information and reviews of “Point Of Sale” systems specifically designed for the Mobile Food Operator.

Device Allows Smartphones to Process Card Transactions

"It's got to be in a truck and I was on a really tight budget," said Stenke, 41, owner of the Klausie's Pizza Truck.

Point-Of-Sale for Food Trucks – The Bottom Line

Increasing the speed of order taking is where we see a little goes along way.

Turn your iPad into a Food Truck Cash Register with ShopKeep

Turns an iPad into a complete Food Truck P.O.S. cash register system

High Tech Gourmet on the Go: The Food Truck Craze

By necessity POS workstations in food trucks must either be handheld mobile units or have a very small footprint.

Point-Of-Sale Systems: Getting What You Want, When You Want It

The POS systems of today are full featured, powerful programs that provide the end-user with an extraordinary amount of information and features.

Is a Point-Of-Sale System the Solution for your Food Truck?

"What problems do you currently have that you want the POS to resolve?"

Mobile ‘Point-Of-Sale’ Showdown

After years of moderate use, adoption of mobile POS is picking up: 27% of respondents to the annual HT “Restaurant Tech Study” used wireless POS in 2010, up from 15% in 2009.

Mobi Munch Selects MICROS Simphony for Its Integrated ‘Food Truck Technology Suite’

"The uniting of MICROS Simphony's centrally-hosted, multifaceted capabilities with Mobi Munch's Integrated Food Truck Technology Suite provides Mobi Munch a solid, dependable point-of-service solution for its mobile environment."

Food Truck FastPass

The guys over at FoodTruck FastPass are creating mobile phone applications for Food Trucks, which work with their wireless printers.

No More Waiting In Line at The Food Truck or Concession Stand

Yorder (previously called iConcessionStand) is a free mobile-app for iPhones and Android phones. The idea behind the app is simple: sports fans can order food, beverages, and merchandise from their seat and about 15-20 minutes later receive their order without missing a minute of the game.