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New York, NY: Street Eats – Asian Tapas From Shanghai Sogo

The zong zi came with a small container of powder that we sprinkled on. The powder tasted like crushed peanuts mixed with a little sugar. It went well on the zong zi, adding some sweetness and nuttiness to the sticky rice dish.

New York, NY: NYC Food Truck Lunch – Asian Tapas From Shanghai Sogo

Shanghai Sogo just hit the NYC streets this week, and they serve “Asian tapas.”

Tucson, AZ: Tucson Transplant Bringing Colorado Chili to Food Truck

Chubby’s original chili, with spicy Hatch Valley red chile powder, pork, green chiles and cheese — lots of cheese.

The Top 10 Craziest Street Foods in the World

Street food is usually just as delicious as fancier restaurant fare

South Africa: Stand a Chance of Winning a Mobile Kitchen!

Kraft Foods (SA) is running a contest where the prize is a mobile kitchen trailer.

Chicago: Taquero Fusion Food Truck

Take an otherwise delicious thing – a taco – and run it through the bizzaro-world restrictions the city places on food trucks

Street Food in the UK: The Latest Rage

Right now some of the most exciting food is being served out of trailers, carts and vintage vans.

LA: ‘Street Fusion’ Cart Launches at Home Depot Center

Even major league sports are cashing in on the street food trend.

Houston: Bullbutter Brothers Barbecue

“It’s a bear to pull”, said George Shea, an owner along with Jim Kanan of Bullbutter Bros. Barbecue.

A Guide to Vegetarian & Vegan Options From Miami’s Food Truck Scene

With the animal fat freely a-flowin' on most local food trucks, what's a meat-eschewer to do? While Miami's mobile food scene continues to grow, it's still behind other cities' in its lack of vegetarian options. The Raaga Cart showed promise during Art Basel especially, but its owners have day jobs and it hasn't been seen around much since.