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Johnson, TN: Mobile Food Truck Vendor Ordinance Non-Existent in Johnson City

A brand new food truck in Johnson City is finding out it is having trouble fitting in. It is not because of the food they are serving. The issue is there is no ordinance on the books in the city for mobile food trucks.

La Jolla, CA: Food Trucks May Soon Serve Bites on Private Property

Food trucks are currently not allowed on private property unless they're at a permitted special event.

Food Truck Associations – Organizing 101

We’re expanding our initiative to help fledgling food truck associations.

Lexington, KY: Lexington Food Truck Pilot Program Proposed

The two-year anniversary of the formation of Lexington’s Itinerant Merchant Task Force was April 20. While progress has been made, Lexington’s Food Trucks are not quite yet free.

Lexington, KY: New Proposal for Food Trucks Unveiled in Lexington

A proposal has been made to make it easier for food trucks to operate in Lexington.

Fishers, IN: Food Trucks Could See Slow Road to Indy suburbs

Fishers last month became the first Hamilton County community to pass an ordinance specifically regulating the new fleet of mobile businesses. The controversial measure was intended to encourage food trucks to roll into town, but vendors say it could have the opposite effect.

Wilmington, NC: Hot Dogs Could Go Cold if Owner Doesn’t Follow Code

One business owner in Wilmington has a beef with the city over a hot dog stand. The owner of Haley's Hot Dog Cart is boiling mad because he says the city forced him to close down.

Ottawa, CA: Seafood, Gourmet International Cuisine on the Menu As City Preps Food-Truck List

The trucks themselves are now full built-out kitchens. Some of these folks are expecting to do catering and other stuff .

Nelson, CAN: The Rise of the Food Cart in Nelson

Every city that has attempted to adopt the food cart culture has faced its own problems.