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Ft. Worth, TX: Thistle Hill to Host Fort Worth’s Newest Food Truck Park

Thistle Hill, the historic Fort Worth mansion, will play host to the city's newest food truck park beginning May 1.

Jersey City, NJ: Jersey City Voting Tonight On Restricting Food Trucks

Looks like Jersey City is poised to make it nearly impossible for food truck owners to make a living there

Escondido, CA: Escondido Lifts Gourmet Food Truck Ban

The new rules will allow trucks to obtain permits to operate on private property, such as the parking lot of a shopping plaza, restaurant, brewery or winery.

Virginia Beach, VA: Bro’s Fish Tacos Debuts at Food Truck Rodeo

Bro's Fish Tacos - a fish taco stand on wheels. The Thalia residents debuted their mobile eatery this month at the first Food Truck Rodeo in the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Hilltop.

Traverse City, MI: Food Tuck Revolution Hits Traverse City as Leaders Weigh Locations, Fees...

After stops in Kalamazoo, Detroit and Grand Rapids, the Great Food Truck Debate has now parked itself in Traverse City.

Charlottesville, VA: Charlottesville Studying Ways to Accommodate Food Trucks

There is no desire to over-regulate. The main purpose is to create an ordinance to make it legal and welcome these uses in the city

Chicago, IL: Food Truck Operators Go Hungry in Chicago – Zero Licenses Granted in...

The city of Chicago passed an ordinance allowing food truck operations on public property in July, but no licenses have been granted since then, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

Norfolk, VA : Food Trucks in Norfolk Get Yellow Light from Agency

The Downtown Norfolk Civic League supports the original proposal that would give food trucks more possible locations for service and longer hours

Sunnyvale, CA: Sunnyvale Puts New Guidelines in Place for Food Trucks

Food vendors will be required to display a Sunnyvale business license and must be able to provide upon request licenses and permits from other agencies--such as the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health--that ensure food safety and sanitation.