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Santa Monica, CA: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, Food Trucks Could be Here to...

Proposed regulations head to the City Council for approval.

Guest Opinion: Food Trucks in the Proposed Downtown Market Place – a Bad Idea

Bringing in food-vending trucks for curb-side service is not the way

Naperville, IL: City Accepting Downtown Vending Applications

The City has four available locations for free-standing vendor carts

Proposed Mobile Kitchen In Signal Mountain Nixed After Restaurant Owners Join To Oppose It

‘Are we going to have a cotton candy stand next?’ . . . The community doesn’t want it.”

Chapel Hill, NC: Town to Hold Food Truck Meeting

Town of Chapel Hill will hold a public information meeting Monday for food truck vendors

Hawthorne, CA Looks to Distinguish Between Gourmet Food Trucks, ‘Roach Coaches’

Proposed changes would require truck gatherings in private parking lots to comply with several rules to ensure that they don't become a nuisance.

Burlingame, CA: Food Vendors Find Proposed Styrofoam Ban Palatable

"We are phasing out our Styrofoam soup and salad containers," said Azzam Shibli

Tweet from Cleveland Food Truck Dim & Dem Sum Creates Buzz About Proposed City...

Owned by Chris Hodgsen, ‘Dim and Den Sum’ is a food truck that has used Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about its daily location. But the tweets from the business' main account ( @DimAndDenSum ) were of a different tone Thursday night.

Italian Lunch Truck Proposed for La Jolla

Two former La Jolla restaurant employees are looking to put a new, high-end twist on an old working-class standard: the lunch truck.