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Greenville, SC: Protest Planned To Cook Up Support For Greenville Food Trucks

The protest comes in light of a new proposal that would allow the trucks in Greenville's downtown area, but keep them at least 250 feet away from existing restaurants. The proposal was made by a committee, formed by the city several months ago to look at the new industry.

Wash, DC: Fed Up Federal Workers to Feast on Free Food

“The Facebook for Feds,” is hosting a “Free Food Trucks for Feds”

Occupy Boston puts Kibosh on Food Truck Festival

Occupy Boston puts Kibosh on Food Truck Festival

Food Trucks Take Over the Streets

“The restaurant will never die. This has become an offshoot option for people to have a different level of satisfaction,” said Derek Hunt, who co-owns Cake & Shake food carts in New York City.

SF: Chaac Mool Owners Say Chicken John’s Issue is With the City & They...

“There’s one person who’s against our cart,” he said. “They say he’s the kind of person you can’t talk to.”

SF: Park Activist Vows To Barf On Dolores Park Food Vendors

One party reduces the conversation to "I'm going to barf on you", we've gone well beyond the boundaries of playfully weird, protest-happy San Franciscans to gross, mean-spirited human beings.