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Boston, MA: Food Trucks in Downtown Boston … but Pushcarts Heading Out?

There’s a movement to push out the pushcart program. I’m all for adding new options—food trucks in downtown Boston? Yes, please—but not at the expense of the pushcarts, which have kept the area feeling lively through good times and bad.

Boston, MA: Downtown Crossing Pushcarts Have to Clear Out

The pushcarts of Downtown Crossing have to leave their posts by the end of this month per an order from the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District.

Norfolk, VA: Possible Food Truck Locations Released

If the food truck ordinance were to pass, pushcarts would be approved to use on sidewalk locations, the specifics of which have not been released.

Jersey City: City Council Tables New Regulations for Portable Food Vendors

Jersey City City Council tonight tabled a measure proposing sweeping changes to the city’s ordinance regulating food trucks and pushcarts, after numerous food vendors called the proposals too restrictive and possibly unconstitutional.

NYC: Vendy Awards Needs a Hero (Not the Sandwich)

Gourmands have been following the rise of new fancy food trucks with gusto, while some neighborhoods have been fighting them.

Meet & Eat: Todd Barricklow, Creator of the “Taco Bike”

One day he approached me with the idea of putting a griddle on it so he could ride around and make and sell tacos. We worked on the logistics for a while; he told me what he really wanted, and I told him what was actually possible. We also had to take the health department's requirements into account.

San Francisco’s Food Trucks – Mobile Gourmets

All over North America, food lovers and curious diners are flocking to roving food trucks and mobile “carts” offering fresh, local, and often healthy foods beyond conventional catering truck fare.

Food on the Go: Pushcart a Step Toward Upward Mobility

When Susan Paden, owner of Good Dog, wanted to expand her specialty hot-dog restaurant, she followed the crowd. Her increasing number of takeout orders persuaded her to add a roving cart called Good Dog Go.