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Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Report Going to Law & Public Safety

Regulations do not permit food truck operations in the Downtown Overlay District

Raleigh Will ALLOW Food Trucks

John Odom voted against the change.

Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Decision at a Standstill

A new ordinance regulating food trucks is at a standstill after Raleigh City Council’s Law and Public Safety Committee decided Tuesday that more research is necessary...

Cities Should Leave Food Trucks Alone [video]

The recession has turned a lot of laid-off workers into entrepreneurs.

Food Trucks Seek Piece of the Action in Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh Alliance, said restaurant owners are "very concerned" about the changes.

Raleigh: Food Truck Operators Still Fighting For a Place as Restaurant Owners Try to...

“It’s a lot harder for them to get permits here,” Karla said. “A lot of good food trucks stay in Durham and don’t ever come here.

Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Backers Get a Say; So Do Restaurants

With a little help from the city, Mike Stenke told Raleigh City Council members, food trucks can bring a new element to the Raleigh food scene.

Raleigh City Council Reviews Food Truck Proposal Tuesday April 19th

The Raleigh City Council will review a proposal on food trucks this Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30 at 222 W. Hargett St.

Food Truck Debate Gets Heated at Raleigh City Council Committee

Alex Amra, owner of Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, said he didn't like the idea of having trucks parked outside his Glenwood Avenue sports bar.