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Lubbock, TX: Food Truck Owners Excited Over First Reading Pass at City Council

Food trucks can be here. I think there are some rules, but I think you will see them proliferate because the rules and restrictions have been widened to where they can operate a lot more places than they could before

Grants Pass, OR: Grants Pass City Council Votes To Restrict Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile food vendors will not be able to operate on any Grants Pass sidewalks under an ordinance approved by the City Council last week.

First Reading of New Food Truck Rules Passes in Mt. Pleasant

Food trucks will be able to provide seating if needed.

Asheville: City Council PASSES Rules Allowing Food Trucks Downtown 5-2

Food truck owners can apply for the new permits immediately.

Nashville, TN: Riffs Food Truck Chefs Riff About Culinary Preferences

“I had been building this truck for a couple of years,” Lofback said.

FOOD TRUCKIN’: Street Meat for the Hungry and Impatient

Now, largely due to social networking, new truck design and a sophisticated demand for certain ethnic dishes, food trucks are in, in a big way.

DC: Get Over Yourself, Mr. Mendelsohn

“It is nice to be in a second-tier city where you can be a big fish in a small pond.” –Spike Mendelsohn

Boulder: Leaders Serve Up Food Truck Approval

In a unanimous vote, the Boulder City Council on Tuesday night approved new rules allowing food trucks to sell their goods in select areas of the city.

Memphis: Court Square Entertains Food Truck Vendors, Customers Awaiting City Council Vote

More than 500 people made their way to Court Square to dine from food trucks and show support for an ordinance before the Memphis City Council that would greatly loosen the restrictions on mobile vendors.

Memphis: Mobile Eateries Get Test Tuesday

Mobile vendors will be set up at Court Square as part of the Center City Commission's Downtown Alive! series and in support of legislation before the Memphis City Council that would greatly expand the possibilities for food-truck businesses in the city.