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Jacksonville, FL: From “Out of Business” to “Opening Doors” – New Regulation on Jacksonville’s...

For more than two months a special committee led by Councilman Reggie Brown has worked on figuring out a compromise which would give the city a greater say in when and where food trucks operate without squashing the business entirely.

Beaverton, OR: Proposed Beaverton Food Cart Pods Could Attract New Vendors, Boost Business, Supporters...

Food cart pods could open Beaverton's doors to larger trucks, stationary trailers and the wide variety of food-cart cuisine seen in neighboring Portland.

Duluth, MN: Duluth Mulls Regulations for Growing Food Truck Business

The ordinance City Councilor Emily Larson has introduced would require food trucks not to encroach on traditional bricks-and-mortar restaurants.

LA, CA: Do Food Trucks Need More Regulation? [video]

My own personal opinion: Tough luck, restaurants.

Food Trucks May No Longer Have to Have a Home Base

“No commissary,” or "home-base restaurant" if they’re fully self-sufficient.

Chapel Hill, NC: CHTC Member Set To Petition For Food Truck Regulation Changes

Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance allowing food trucks

Baton Rouge, LA: Online Petition Against Food Truck Regulations Picks Up Speed

Councilman R.J. "Smokie" Bourgeois is also the owner of George's restaurants... CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

Jacksonville, FL: Mobile Food Trucks Make Way to JAX

More than 2,000 trucks are moving across the state of Florida.

Tallahassee, Florida: Food Truck Business Growing Fast in Florida

You've probably seen new food trucks around town.

Regulatory Robbery: Anti-Food-Truck Edition

Food-truck regulation is always pushed in the name of consumer safety.