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Camp Hill, PA: Sherri’s Fun Foods Rents Out Space to Other Companies

A lot of food businesses discover that finding a kitchen is one of the major obstacles to getting started because it requires getting approval from the health department and keeping up on that approval. And since Behney has a food truck business with Sherri’s Crab Cakes, he recognized that others could be facing the same issue he did in the Midstate.

Hollywood, CA: Gang Members Accused of Extorting Hollywood Food Trucks

The alleged gang members are accused of targeting food truck owners and demanding rent to operate the trucks in Hollywood.

Sunrise City, FL: Food-Truck Ban Proposed by Sunrise Commissioner

Sunrise Commissioner Joseph Scuotto says food truck vendors have no base in the city and should not be allowed to just roll in and out

Ocean Beach, CA: Keep On Seafood Truckin’ in OB

Now, we move onto the dark side of the food truck scene. Yes, there is a dark side.

The Good and Bad With Food Trucks

The good thing about food trucks is that they lead to innovations.

Buffalo: Leave the Food Trucks Alone, Paladino

Here we have Carl Paladino, of all people, WHINING!

Raleigh Will ALLOW Food Trucks

John Odom voted against the change.

Boulder, CO: The Tasterie Truck Delivers Sweets on the Go

The truck made its debut last week in Flatirons Office Park, just as the Boulder City Council clarified its regulations, allowing such trucks to operate in industrial area rights of way.

Cleveland: Don’t Allow Food Trucks to Feed Off of Long-Established, Brick & Mortar Restaurants

I think council would not be representing its constituents who pay taxes, etc. if it were to allow these trucks to park in front of any established, brick-and-mortar restaurant.

What’s Cookin’: Pierre’s Gourmet Pizza Co.

He's left rent behind in favor of a mobile kitchen in his converted RV, a space he said is bigger than his old restaurant kitchen.