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The Food Truck Revolution

The long lines and cut throat competition implies many people like the new trucks, but they can also stir up some controversy when competing with business from brick and mortar restaurants.

UK: Recipes from Britain’s Best Ice Cream Van

Kitty sells ice creams, sorbets and granitas at markets, festivals and private functions, but it still doesn't come easy.

Asheville, NC: Food Truck Ordinance

The city of Asheville is considering a mobile food vending ordinance that could open the downtown district to vendors.

Hungry? Meet The 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who’s Helping To Drive The Street Food Movement

The food is cheap, it's made to order, and it's way tastier (and healthier) than the stuff most fast-food joints serve.

Freixenet Tastings & Tapas Truck To Hit The Road Beginning In June

Joining the exciting mobile food revolution, Freixenet USA announces the launch of the Freixenet Tastings & Tapas Truck this June.

New Zealand’s Take on the U.S. Food Truck Revolution

There is a food revolution happening in the streets and neighbourhoods of Los Angeles and it won't be long before it's in New Zealand.

UK: A Grass Roots Revolution Is Happening in British Food

Forget expensive restaurants - some of the best food around is being served straight from the back of trailers, carts and vintage vans.

Panama City, FL: Jump On The Food Truck Revolution

Kuntz started Raw and Juicy in April 2008 to educate people about what they were eating and to bring the community together.

Albuquerque, NM: Health Department Inspects Food Trucks (video)

Food truck owners we spoke to were all aware of the "roach coach" stigma associated with their business, but they all say they are working to change that by offering a variety of clean and safe food.

Jackson, MS: Food Vendors Wary of City Involvement

Councilman Quentin Whitwell of Ward 1 first proposed the concept, championing entrepreneurs who want to serve food from such trucks.