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San Francisco, CA: State Helps Food Trucks Avoid Loose Change

The new rule, effective July 1, presumes that prices displayed by the trucks — $8 for a sandwich, for instance — includes sales tax, which can differ from city to city. Vendors can charge the flat prices for all items, then figure out how much they owe in taxes later.

Calgary, CAN: Calgary’s Food Trucks Get Endorsement of Council Committee with Some Rule Changes

The idea was it would be so much more than just a concession on the street, it was more about creating a long term legacy of what Calgary is and how progressive we are and the great things we’re doing in the community and to add vibrancy to the area

Baltimore, MD: County Food Truck Law Unconstitutional

Baltimore County should scrap its proposed 300-foot rule and let all its entrepreneurs continue to dream big.

Washington, DC: D.C. Council Hinting Food Truck Regulations Might Need More Time in the...

Officially, food trucks are regulated under the city's "ice cream rule," which prohibits mobile vendors from parking unless there is a gaggle of customers ready to line up and make a purchase. It also outlaws trucks from parking on blocks where the sidewalk is narrower than 10 feet.

Arlington, VA: Examiner Local Editorial – Arlington should accommodate, not punish, food trucks

The rules are intended to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants, which count on having an oligopoly when it comes to local workers' food options.

Arlington, VA: Law Firms Recruited for Food Truck Fight

We’ve been fighting on behalf of vendors across the nation and wanted to find a way for them to continue earning an honest living

Washington, D.C.: Food Truck Owners Say New Regulations Would Drive Them Out of Most...

The regulatory battles over the city's growing fleet of food trucks continues

Arlington, VA: ACPD Launches Coordinated Operations Against Food Trucks

“The initial intent for the plainclothes had nothing to do with vendors,” he said.

Austin, TX: Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

When I feel like dining out without spending a ton of cash, food trailers are a safe bet.