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Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Street Food Festival returns to Piedmont on July 12

Food truck fanatics will have the chance to sample from the city’s best while supporting The Giving Kitchen, the culinary charity with the unique mission of providing crisis grants to members of Atlanta’s restaurant community facing unanticipated hardship.

New Orleans, LA: N.O. Set to Host Street Food Vendor Competition

New Orleans has such a vibrant culinary history that we couldn’t think of a better city for the Vendys

Avondale, AZ: Zoomtown Market & ‘Food Truck Party’ Craze

Don’t feel like cooking a meal or looking for a new on-site dining experience during race week? PIR is bringing the residents of ZOOMTOWN, U.S.A. the chance to sample the ‘Food Truck Party’ craze.

Wash, DC: Chile Food Truck Debuts at Fancy Food Show

ProChile sponsored an innovative truck concept at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show

On the User Experience of Food Truck Rallies

I’ve noticed more and more food truck rallies happening, which is awesome.

The Great Food Truck Scandal

We would never cheat on you New York!

Boston: City Council Passes Ordinance to Expand Food Truck Access

OnApril 6th, the Boston City Council passed an ordinance to expand access to food trucks in Boston, beyond downtown and into the city’s neighborhoods.

LA: Stephen Box Food Truck Festival

Food truck operators are generally supporting Box as incumbent Tom LaBonge has been essentially hostile towards the popular businesses.