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San Mateo, CA: County devises new food safety program

The county’s health system began rolling out a new restaurant placarding program this month. The signage will be going up throughout the first half of 2016 at more than 3,000 restaurants, mobile food trucks, bakeries, schools, health care facilities and some convenience stores in the county.

San Mateo, CA: New Restaurant Placarding Program Starts in 2016

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approved the new restaurant placarding in April 2015.

San Mateo, CA: Off the Grid Launching Street Food Market in Burlingame

San Mateo residents won't have to go far to enjoy the latest Bay Area Off the Grid location -- just one town away.

San Mateo, CA: San Mateo Welcomes Urban Market on Mondays

The Urban Market will run every Monday night through Oct. 28.

Sunnyvale, CA: Sunnyvale Puts New Guidelines in Place for Food Trucks

Food vendors will be required to display a Sunnyvale business license and must be able to provide upon request licenses and permits from other agencies--such as the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health--that ensure food safety and sanitation.

San Jose, CA: Second Harvest Food Bank Pilots “Nutrition on Wheels”

It was loaned to Second Harvest Food Bank by the Fresno Community Food Bank for three weeks.

Guest Opinion: Food Trucks in the Proposed Downtown Market Place – a Bad Idea

Bringing in food-vending trucks for curb-side service is not the way

SF, CA: Food Truck Operators Opening Restaurants

Some local trucks are parlaying their success into opening brick-and-mortar locations.

Mama’s Empanadas-SF Mobile Catering Opens in San Francisco

Mama's Empanadas-SF specializes in creating empanadas using fresh and healthy ingredients

Before Firing Up the Grill, Approval Needed

Operating a food truck isn’t as simple as buying the vehicle and food then parking.