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Victoria, CAN: Camosun’s food truck campus-wide learning tool

By Andrew Duffy  |  Times Colonist They’ve handed out burgers, sandwiches, wraps and tacos — and now one of the city’s food trucks will be...

Akron, OH: Supporting Akron – Akron Food Truck Fridays

Burritos, tacos, donuts, tacos, sandwiches, tacos, hot dogs, tacos, sushi, tacos, fresh popsicles, tacos… and did I mention more tacos? Believe it or not, I’m not listing the menu for your local Taco Bell. Frolic my fellow Akronites to Akron Food Truck Fridays!

Binghamton, NY: Sammich Truck Growing in Popularity

The food truck regularly offers a variety of sandwiches from turkey to roast beef to ham, all with its own unique twist. Plus, it has a grill on board for hot dogs and hamburgers.

New York, NY: Porchetta – A Taste of Italian Street Food in New York...

The Porchetta sandwich is the kind of food that stuns because it’s simplicity marrying quality. They’ve got the recipe down to a science, perfected the tender sandwich and intend to keep it that way.

Omaha, NE: Coming in August – A Piccolo Pete’s Food Truck

One of Omaha’s oldest old-school steakhouses is taking a turn for the decidedly modern: Piccolo Pete’s is starting a food truck.

Sussex County, DE: New Food Truck for Bethany Beach

The food truck invasion shows no sign of slowing down in Delaware.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Crave Food Truck – St. Augustine’s Newest Healthy Alternative

The food truck has been opened since July, and offers organic sandwiches, wraps, salads and fresh fruit smoothies

New York, NY: Daily What?! Katz & Dogz Food Truck is Not Actually Associated...

The truck serves–you guessed it–Katz’s Delicatessen style pastrami sandwiches and Hebrew National hot dogs. It also doles out corned beef, salami, burgers and something called the Reuben Orgasm (probably inspired by the famous scene in which Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm at Katz’s deli in Harry Met Sally).

Valparaiso, IN: Hungry Inc. Food Truck Brings Mobility to Mealtime

The food offerings include sandwiches made with Turano bread that are flat-top grilled or baked. A favorite is based on a pulled pork recipe handed down in West’s family.

Federal Way, WA: Food Trucks Belong in Downtown Federal Way

Speaking of enriching Federal Way’s culture and economy, here’s some genuine food for thought. A food truck festival fad is sprouting in several U.S. cities. For example, the Mayor’s Food Truck Fiesta in Tampa, Fla., kicked off last week with a bunch of wheeled restaurants doling out everything from tacos to burgers to sandwiches.