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Santa Barbara, CA: BizHawk – New Georgia’s Smokehouse Food Truck Making the Rounds

A new food truck is in town, and it’s readily finding a gourmet slow-roasted niche on the South Coast.

Lompoc, CA: Mobile Meals on Display

“Everything’s handmade except the bread. That’s it,” he added.

Santa Barbara, CA: Food to You

When you think food truck, you might not be thinking gourmet meal, and you wouldn’t be thinking Isla Vista, but you might have to change your preconceived notions.

Santa Barbara: French-Mex & More Wheels Into Town

O Street Truck will also do its best to bring locally sourced ingredients.

Santa Barbara’s “O Street Food Truck” Brings Gourmet Lunch & Dinner to the South...

The food truck came charging out of the gate in late March, serving breakfast and lunch at various locations, primarily corporate business parks, throughout the Santa Barbara/Goleta area.

Santa Barbara: Use Of City Streets For Food Trucks

There has been discussion recently about the use of public streets in Santa Barbara for food trucks. Reader Ken sent me a link to the official Santa Barbara Municiple Code for everything you can and cannot do in Santa Barbara.

Cuisine Truck to Cater to Wineries

Briggs will use a mobile kitchen to cook and serve locally grown food. Why mobile? Because she plans to cater to visitors to the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, other wineries throughout Santa Barbara County and other regional businesses, as well.

Santa Barbara: Food Truck To Trek the Tri-County Area

A ‘gourmet’ food truck will begin cruising through Isla Vista next month to serve its cross-cultural menu to the local community.

From Starbucks to Street Level Cafe in Santa Barbara

By JEREMY NISEN Sean Comer, 34, started working at Starbucks when he was 17.  "I got bit," he says — and not by the beverage bug...