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Saskatoon, CAN: Saskatoon hosts its first outdoor beer festival in Rotary Park

Saskatoon hosted its first outdoor beer festival to support local craft beer culture and raise money for cystic fibrosis. Beer enthusiasts came together in Rotary Park for Saskatoon’s first outdoor beer festival.

Saskatoon, CAN: Food trucks face off in Saskatoon this weekend

Food trucks from the Saskatoon area and beyond are meeting in the Bridge City this weekend to be named the best by a panel of judges.

Westchester, CA: Food Truck Friday Nights kick off 2015 season celebrating the decades and...

The Food Truck Friday Nights have become a tradition at our school and parish and we love welcoming the community to our campus.

Saskatoon, CAN: Local Web Company Launches GPS Tracking in Saskatoon Food Trucks

Hungry Saskatoon residents lost downtown searching for their favourite food truck may have just found their lunch-time saviour.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto’s Food Trucks Driven into the Ditch

The tastes of anything more exotic than hotdogs will continue to be tough to find on the streets.

Saskatoon, CAN: First Mobile Food Truck Rolls into Saskatoon

That’s why hungry customers will find the specialty hot dog resting on naan bread. But the true meaning behind Disco Dogs won’t be known until the late night crowd gets a taste.

Saskatoon, CAN: No Food Trucks Ready to Roll in Saskatoon

Restaurateurs have had more than a month to get their food trucks ready to roll after the city gave the green light back in May, but not a single person has applied for a license according to the city.

Saskatoon, CAN: Food Trucks Approved

The only point of contention at the meeting was how far away the trucks should operate from existing restaurants. Mayor Don Atchison and a minority of councillors — Coun. Troy Davies, Coun. Randy Donauer and Coun. Eric Olauson — wanted a special 30-meter “buffer zone” downtown.

Saskatoon, CAN: Concerns About Washrooms for Food Truck Patrons Raised

Saskatoon’s food trucks will be able to operate in commercial districts, but not in residential neighbourhoods

Saskatoon, CAN: Food Trucks in Saskatoon Get Stalled at Committee

I will not be supporting the 30-metres. I can support 10-metres and also a description that would prohibit them from being directly across the block from a restaurant