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Louisville, KY: Frankfort Ave. to Host Food Truck Sunday on the 21st

Come out to Food Truck Sunday on Frankfort Avenue! From 11 AM to 2 PM, 3 local food trucks will sell their products on the lawn of St. Joe's (2823 Frankfort Ave.).

Los Angeles, CA: Effort to Legalize Street Food vending in Los Angeles Continues

Street vendors sell everything from fruta tochicharrones, tacos and quesadillas on the streets of Boyle Heights—with or without proper city permits.

Bozeman, MT: Food from 30 Countries Featured at International Street Food Celebration

International street food will be celebrated as more than 150 MSU international students from more than 30 countries will prepare and sell food from their native countries when Montana State University hosts its 31st International Street Food Bazaar, set for 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Feb 16, in MSU’s SUB Ballrooms.

Washington, DC: Inaugural Food Trucks Get Security Sweep — For Fire, Poison and Tummy...

The hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Washington to witness President Obama as he takes his second oath of office seem much more worried about staking out the perfect spot on the parade route and finding the ultimate inauguration ball outfit.

Cleveland, OH: 1st food trucks, now T-shirt trucks? Fresh Brewed Tees Owner Adds Retail...

The biggest challenge we'll face is getting permission from the city of Cleveland to sell from the truck on city streets in the central business district

Ottawa, CAN: Boston’s Rules Spawned Mobile, Diverse Street Food Vendors

Ottawa’s food truck initiative began in earnest Friday, the deadline for applications for the city’s 20 new vendor licenses.

Saint Louis, MO : Sausage Syndicate puts Food Truck Up for Sale

After just more than a year of slinging encased meats on the streets of St. Louis, Sausage Syndicate is calling it quits and putting its food truck up for sale.

Fresno, CA: Fresno’s Popular CartHop Food Truck Event Grows

Participating vendors must get all of their ingredients from California or 50% of their ingredients within 100 miles of Fresno.

Greensboro, NC: Food Vendor Rules in Downtown Greensboro

Food Trucks, the city won’t let them set up shop, except for special events.