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Montreal, CAN: Drippy Pork Panini Can Be Traced Back 2,000 Years

Other specialties of the lunch counter are milk teas and Taiwanese-style shaved ices

SF: Burma Superstar Founder Launches Burmese Food Truck

"Whoever thinks salad is boring needs to try this!"

The St. Louis Food Truck Guide

Food Truck presence in St. Louis has blown up like metal in a microwave

Food Trailer Culture: Mobile Dining Offers Diversity at Lower Cost

The words “trailer” and “culture” don’t usually go together, but when you’re talking about food trailers, all bets are off.

Austin Trailer Treasures: 5 Food Truck Dishes To Try

Austin's trailers shuttered their windows when the temperatures headed south in past weeks, but, with Spring around the corner, it's time to hit the ATM and dig in on the best food served on four wheels.

Gourmet Food on Wheels

Today, a new generation of lunch trucks is coming your way. They serve high-end fare such as grass-fed beef hamburgers, escargot and creme brulee.