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Silver Spring, MD: Home-Cooked Meals on Wheels

the food truck has allowed Kushner to draw on some of the creativity she channeled as an interior designer. Though there was a “learning curve” in her first couple weeks, Kushner said she has fun at the truck window interacting with patrons.

Silver Spring, MD: Coming soon to MoCo – Linda’s Luncheonette @LLuncheonette

Linda’s Luncheonette just completed a successful Kickstarter and will be rolling out their gourmet comfort food

“Burger King” Rolling 40 Food Trucks Cross-Country to Hand Out Food at Events

And at some Washington, DC, area stores, it's testing home delivery.

Online Coupons: ‘A Force to be Reckoned With’

More retailers are testing the social-marketing waters

Silver Spring, MD: Food Trucks Accelerate Pace

There are 93 licensed food trucks in Montgomery County, county spokeswoman Mary Anderson said.

Food Trucks Starting to Make the Presence Known in Silver Spring

Several new food truck businesses have been sighted around downtown Silver Spring this month, including Tops American Food Company and Sub-Urban-Bros: The Great Sandwich Truck. Each has been on the road for only a few weeks, but both have already been making regular stops near the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Colesville Road.

Food Trucks in Silver Spring: Benign Trend or Economic Parasites?

A species heretofore unseen in these parts has recently been introduced to the downtown Silver Spring ecosystem: the so-called 'gourmet' food truck (truckus hipsterus).

Food Trucks Enhance Brick-and-Mortar Restaurants

Gourmet food trucks, now a common fixture in DC, have started to come to Silver Spring. With them comes many of the same debates, like whether these food options are taking business from restaurants in actual buildings.