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St. Louis, MO: The Bombay Food Truck

The Bombay food junkies truck is awesome and it is as simple as that. What you have here, is a food truck, not filled with young men cooking on the line, but some older Indian women, working love into the food they sell. Everything is home made or at least made from scratch and while the truck is entirely meat free, it can make a carnivore seriously consider becoming a vegetarian.

Denver, CO: Food Truckin’ – Introducing Meatball

The menu is simple: two sliders for $7 or a sandwich for $8 ($7.75 for the meatless options). There are 6 options to choose from including the classic beef meatball with house tomato sauce, shaved parmesan and basil.

Denver, CO: The Not-So-Good-Tho-Not-That-Bad and the Funnny – A Modern Day Food Truck Adventure

The service was quick and friendly, the menu simple: mostly sandwiches and fries. We got a milanesa and a pair of lamb sliders.

Burlington, VT: New Food Cart Pincho at Burlington City Hall Park

is new cart, Pincho,officially debuts this Wednesday in City Hall Park. Starting next week, he’ll be there Monday through Friday — from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. — for the duration of the outdoor eating season.

Providence, RI: New Food Trucks, Part 10000 – Lotus Pepper

Offering a six-item menu of Vietnamese cuisine at reasonable prices

Fairfield, CT: The Local Meatball Food Truck Rolls into Fairfield County

Meatballs are such a simple idea, but they resonate with so many people

Los Angeles, CA: LA’s 5 Must-Try Food Truck Burgers

There are a few burger-only trucks and other trucks that serve a good burger.

Telluride, CO: The Great Dane Offers Unique Street Food

"I thought I could bring something to Telluride with the uniqueness of the cart"

UK: All Aboard the Cooking Bus

The bus gives pupils on-board lessons on how to cook simple healthy meals

Imagining A National Food Truck Association

The road block is often local government.