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Stockholm, SWE: Swedish Food Truck Dishes Up Airport Cuisine

For $10, hungry patrons can dine on dishes like braised veal, pulled pork, truffle risotto, lasagna and ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon.

Seattle, WA: Skillet’s Truck Stops Here

...smitten by the novelty and ingenuity they'd long ago given up on finding at eateries with floors and doors.

Portland’s Best New Food Carts

There were 640 licensed food carts in Multnomah County at press time, 160 more than this time last year.

NYC: Airline Food Served Up on Wall Street

It's a cross between a mobile diner and a pop-up store: Air France is putting a new spin on the food truck: free food.

Truck Stop: Jason Dady’s Duk Truck

I pulled up to Jason Dady’s Duk Truck close to midnight Friday. It was parked in front of Artisans Alley at 555 W. Bitters. No lights were on, but several people were at home.