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Enticed Shaved Ice Truck in Dallas

The fine ice absorbs the flavors rather than dropping to the bottom.

Food Trailer Culture: Mobile Dining Offers Diversity at Lower Cost

The words “trailer” and “culture” don’t usually go together, but when you’re talking about food trailers, all bets are off.

Charleston, SC: Soggy Food Truck Rodeo Still a Big HIT!

Puddles replaced long lines of hungry people Saturday during the fourth Food Truck Rodeo on James Island

St. Louis: Snow Sled Brings the Movies [video]

St. Louis Snow Cone already has the coolest food truck in town - a 1957 Chevy van tricked out until it morphed into the Snow Sled

A Nationwide Snapshot of Food Trucks

"A lot of people who own food trucks," said Heather Shouse, "be they a 60-year-old Mexican immigrant, or 23-year-old aspiring chef, they really wanted to open a restaurant. But they came across this trailer for $5,000."

Ft. Worth, TX: Food Trucks Canvass Cowtown

Gourmet stops like these make up a small percentage of the 550 or so licensed food trucks in the city, but these fancier food finds are increasing in numbers and popularity.

Curbside Cuisine Aims to Pack the Country’s Best Food Into One Truck

By Jonathan Bender | Pitch.com Meri Heyer admits that she was a bit worried when Curbside Cuisine, the food truck she runs and owns...

Salt Lake City, UT: Different Kinds of Meals on Wheels

Gourmet food trucks have been popping up everywhere, and recently they have become increasingly popular in Salt Lake City.

Marketers Discover Food Trucks Can Deliver More Than Food

When the Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe, Nev., wanted to promote its ski passes this season, it chose a food truck filled with snow cones driven by two improv actors to publicize its message.