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National News: How One Association Is Leading a Food Truck Revolution

A lot of times when you first start up an association, you jump into the argument that’s already being had instead of creating your own talking points.

Food Truck Associations – Organizing 101

We’re expanding our initiative to help fledgling food truck associations.

National News: Protectionism

Competition is good for your community. Restaurants have an incredible advantage over food trucks. Shelter, seating, alcohol and on-site restrooms are hard to compete with.

Sacramento, CA: Food Truck Vendors Cook Up Funds To Help Rebuild McKinley Park [video]

“It’s such an epic part of the community. It’s at the center of what makes Sacramento so cool.

South Pasadena: How Should The City Revise Its Food Truck Law?

City is in talks with the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association to create a food truck law that falls in line with state law.