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Chicago: Big Star Food Truck Ready to Roll Despite Breaking City Rules

“You technically can’t even dispense a cup of coffee or even let customers squirt salsa on the taco themselves.”

Tulsa Chef Serves 5-Star Food On Wheels

"I've built a fan base that enjoys my food," he said.

“Great Food Truck Race” Gets Veganized This Month

A dream for vegan street food, and a desire to provide healthy, local food that’s convenient and fairly priced

Chicago: Big Star Gets its Food Truck, Prepping for Service

The dream of a Big Star food truck got a little closer to reality today as the Wicker Park taqueria took possession of its truck this afternoon.

Our Mood in Food 2011: Diners are a-Twitter as Chefs Take Food to the...

Tired of high rents in the big cities, chefs in New York, LA and Austin, Texas, have been taking their food to the streets, setting up mobile truck restaurants and then broadcasting the location of the day on Facebook and Twitter.