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Arcadia, CA: After Sunset, A Ssecret Asian Food Fest Rises

The markets are a cheaper version of the food-truck craze but with more choices and a laid-back, chatty atmosphere. For 20 bucks, you can nibble your way through some of the most delicious, and occasionally outlandish, dishes you've never seen. For 20 bucks, I guarantee you'll walk out very full.

Pittsburg, PA: Fukuda Food Truck to Debut Sunday

Fukuda's truck will feature Japanese street food such as okonomiyaki and takoyaki as well as handrolls and other items. The kitchen is finalizing the menu this week.

Wilmington, NC: Local Food Truck Scene Continues to Evolve

Watching Wilmington’s food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern business place.

Worcester, MA: Food Truck Festival

A new generation of highend, gourmet food trucks is on the road

The Top 10 Craziest Street Foods in the World

Street food is usually just as delicious as fancier restaurant fare

Amid a Food Truck Renaissance, has Fair Food Jumped the Shark? [Video]

Trucks could come from all over Florida and set up shop at the fairgrounds.

5 “Must-Try” Food Trucks: From Extraordinary Asian to 420 Pizza to Everything on a...

They're convenient, inexpensive and the food is challenging brick-and-mortar establishments with high-quality, creative and delicious offerings.