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El TacoBike is Oakland’s First Pedal-Powered Food Cart

What do you get when you have a taco truck but take away the gasoline and one wheel? El TacoBike!

Stephen Box: Defending Food Trucks Turns Into a Campaign Strategy

We got an email today from the offices of City Council hopeful Stephen Box that slams longtime Councilman and current food truck hater Tom LaBonge for failing to show up to a meeting last night to discuss the very issues LaBonge himself initiated.

Food Trucks Stage a Voter Outreach Event in Support of Stephen Box

“A BOX Lunch,” this Sunday, February 20, 2011 in order to “Get-out-the-vote” on the usually under-attended municipal elections, and to show national solidarity for a candidate that has the potential to improve the City’s relationship with Gourmet Food Trucks.