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Hong Kong: Street hawkers vs food trucks – Hong Kong loses out again

Why wipe out your own street-food culture, as Hong Kong bureaucrats have relentlessly done, only to import a doubtless inferior version of someone else's, asks Susan Jung - who predicts all we'll see is McTrucks and Starbucks on wheels

Hong Kong: Food truck fair – Snack carts want in on Hong Kong food...

Local designers and hawkers hand out free treats and urge authorities to allow their unique small vehicles, costing as little as HK$1,500, to take part in city’s food truck scheme

Edmonton, CAN: Alberta’s food trucks are helping restaurateurs’ dreams come true

Edmonton’s appetite for food-truck fare was insatiable, and the market was wide open, but the pair concede economics, rather than desire to capitalize on a trend, was the deciding factor.

New Orleans, LA: Find New Orleans food trucks on Mardi Gras parade route

Put down that corndog, you're in New Orleans. Eat local. As the number of food trucks in New Orleans has grown, the eats along Mardi Gras parade routes have gotten better and more interesting.

Seoul, PRK: Food trucks – Where are they at?

Ryu's food truck is in a fixed location operating only within the compounds of Common Ground.

Scottsdale, AZ: 4 VIP Tickets to the Street Eats Food Truck Festival

By Contributor  |  Phoenix New Times The Street Eats Food Truck Festival allows food truck fans to enjoy two full days of street food mania...

New York, NY: The Halal Guys food cart takes New York by storm

With a simple menu and many left wondering what the key ingredients are for the popular white sauce, the food cart remains a regular haunt for office workers, taxi drivers and tourists. As the food carts are open till 4 am in the morning, clubs goers are also kept satisfied.

Kuching, MYS: Food trucks a hipster concept still too alien for Sarawak authorities

Offering gourmet food from trucks decorated with doodles, graffiti and brand names which capture the imagination, their presence in the cities is to be lauded but is also a bane to some traditional business owners.

Frankfort, MI: Frankfort DDA to talk about food trucks

Two sessions will focus on allowing trucks to use city property

Manhattan, KS: Students lack vegetarian options at food trucks

Mr. K’s Mobile Kitchen currently serves salad, one of the few vegetarian options available through all of the food trucks.