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Edmonton, CAN: City Clarifies Policies for Edmonton Food Trucks

Under Edmonton’s policies, street vendors can operate until 3 a.m., unless they are in a city park. In a park, they can operate until 11 p.m. or the stated closing time of the park.

Tuscaloosa, AL: Tuscaloosa Moving Vendors Out of Public Parking Spaces

Those operating away from downtown must obtain a vendor license only, and these vendors can set up on any patch of private property as long as the owner grants permission.

Montreal, CAN: City Moves Closer To Ending Street Food Ban

The aim is for sure to have street food in the downtown area, but also in other boroughs in Montreal,” said Veronique Fournier, the commission’s VP. “Why not in the parks, why not by the river for instance, at cultural events? Now Montreal is joining the ranks of other cities that have street food.

Montgomery, AL: Food Truck Craze Coming to Downtown Mtgy

Food trucks have created a major craze in cities across the country, and now the mobile street vendors are rolling into downtown Montgomery

Los Angeles, CA: Effort to Legalize Street Food vending in Los Angeles Continues

Street vendors sell everything from fruta tochicharrones, tacos and quesadillas on the streets of Boyle Heights—with or without proper city permits.

Hyderabad, IN: Street Vendors Whip Up A Recipe for Success

Street food joints cater to a majority of people in the city and if these outlets are removed, the cost that one has to bear and the effort that one has to put in scouting for affordable food would be huge.

NYC: A Hero to Street Vendors

He and another halal vendor off the sidewalk.

State of California: Schools vs. Food Trucks

A California bill that would ban them from operating within 1,500 feet of a school is the wrong approach to combating childhood obesity.

New Westminister, BC: New West Approves More Locations for Street Vendors

City council has approved an expansion of locations for street vendors