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Shanghai: Street Food Vendors May Be Legalized

STREET food vendors will be allowed legally for the first time so long as they meet sanitary and management conditions, according to the city's latest draft of food safety regulations.


Join us for a walking tour of some of the best street food vendors in midtown Manhattan, including current and past Vendy Award Winners and Finalists. Of course, we will sample their wares along the way.

Columbia, SC: Taco Wars

In March 2010, with all the preparatory work done, Roberts’ permit came before City Council for approval. And that’s when he learned some major downtown interests were lined up against him.

Montreal: Street Food Vendors Could Be Allowed Downtown By Summer

Now, the city is considering a pilot project that would allow the vendors downtown - a practice that's already common in places like Toronto.

Toronto: Yorkville’s Redesign Kicks Street Food Vendors Off The Curb

Apparently the Yorkville renovation left no room for several street vendors, forcing out eight hot dog stands (some of which have operated in the area for 15 to 20 years), two retailers and an ice cream truck.

Atlanta’s Street Food Movement Still Tied Up in Red Tape

On Feb. 19, Fulton County health officials tapped the brakes on Poncey-Highland's growing reputation as a hot spot for street food after they shut down two popular vendors over permitting issues.

NYC: Judge Rules Against Paty’s Tacos in Parking Space Fight

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled on Friday that food trucks are subject to a city law prohibiting merchandise to be sold from metered parking spots.

Fairness of St. Marys Street Vendors Debated

Allowing a street vendor to set up shop would be unfair to "businesses already in town paying property taxes and overhead costs, hanging on by their fingernails," Rosemary Rillo told the City Council Tuesday.

Denver: You Can’t Use Laws to Regulate What People Like

Mobile food vendors, restaurant owners, downtown businesses, city agencies and neighborhood groups -- will have a preliminary discussion of the role of food trucks in Denver, and whether regulations that govern their operations should change.

Birmingham Councilor Pushing Mobile Food Truck Idea

Councilmember Johnathan Austin wants them in downtown Birmingham. Mobile food vendors help generate revenue for the city through business licensing and sales taxes.