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State of California: Schools vs. Food Trucks

A California bill that would ban them from operating within 1,500 feet of a school is the wrong approach to combating childhood obesity.

D.C. Food Truck Advocate Bert Gall Fights on Behalf of Street Food

The Institute for Justice surveyed food-truck customers in D.C.

Are Food Trucks a Fad?

Food trucks and street food are a cultural shift for the United States

Calgary: Evolving Food Culture in YYC

The Food Truck Pilot Project launched on August 11th, catering gourmet fare to hungry crowds on Stephen Avenue.

How Can a City Attract More Food Trucks?

Those high-end lunch carts on four wheels are here to stay.

Case Study: Daily Deal Pitches Overwhelm SF Restaurateur

The Tacolicious owner gets between four and nine pitches from daily deal salespeople each month.

San Bernadino County Considers Lifting Food Truck Ban

Gourmet food trucks may soon make their way to San Bernardino County as the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday considers whether to legalize their businesses.

5 Things Companies Can Learn from Food Trucks

Gourmet food trucks have exploded onto the scene in almost every major American city.

Food Trucks Have Staying Power, Study Says

A new study has good news for mobile food vehicles, as 91 percent of consumers polled who are familiar with food trucks say they view the trend as having staying power and not a passing fad.

Innovation: Food Trucks, Raw Meals and Facebook

Watch what they’re serving because shopper requests might soon be coming to your deli department.