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Chico, CA: Finding Gourmet Food in the Strangest Places

Mayhem Gourmet Grilled Cheese is a new-ish food truck that makes its money parked on streets throughout Chico, hawking a staple of the 6-year-old's diet to the 18-and-up crowd. The truck has five variations on your mom's go-to snack, some of which are stuffed with frou-frou additions like jalapeno jelly and sun-dried tomato.

Fullerton, CA: All the Food Fit to Eat

Spudrunners and Barcelona OntheGo are the newest additions of great cuisine offered on campus.

Holy Aioli – New Food Truck Rolling Out in Los Angeles

Holy Aioli is not just a food truck; it’s a sandwich shop

Chicago: Best NEW Food Truck

Taylor's offered several variations, including mac 'n' cheese with sun-dried tomato