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Sunrise, FL: Sunrise to Allow Food Trucks Starting Jan. 1

The city will allow only three food trucks to gather at the same time. And private property owners will be limited to hosting six food truck events for the year.

Sunrise, FL: Food Truck Fans May Want to Head to Sunrise on Sept. 18

The free event, hosted by Sunrise, will include live tunes, picnic areas and bounce houses.

Sunrise City, FL: Florida City Commissioner (and restaurant owner) Wants To Ban All Food...

More than 50 food truck owners have banded together to create the South Florida Food Truck Alliance to defend street food vendors from anti-competitive laws and overregulation.

Fort Piece, FL: Stolen Food Bank truck from Fort Pierce Found in Hollywood —...

A food-laden truck stolen from the nonprofit Food and Outreach Center overnight Sunday has been found in Hollywood, minus the food.

Sunrise City, FL: Sunrise Commission Meeting Outcome – City Manager to Work With Food...

Sunrise's new City Manager, Alan Cohen, volunteered to meet with the truck owners to come up with a compromise that could go on a future Commission meeting agenda for a more formal vote.

Sunrise, FL: Food Truckers Form Alliance To Fight Possible Sunrise Ban

The City of Sunrise will hold a discussion todayto determine the fate of food trucks at their monthly City Commission meeting.

Sunrise, FL: Sunrise Food Truck Discussion Moved To January Commission Meeting

Food trucks are considered by many to be a quick and fun way to feed a family.

Sunrise City, FL: It’s Time For The Sun To Rise on Sunrise Food Trucks

The citizens of Sunrise deserve better. That’s a holiday gift that everyone in Sunrise can enjoy.

Sunrise, FL: Talk of Food Truck Ban in Sunrise has Some Crying Foul

The government is not allowed to make protectionist laws that protect one business over another