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Provo, UT: Mobile Food Trucks in Downtown Provo

The Council recently discussed possible regulation permitting the use of Mobile Food Trucks in downtown Provo.

San Marcos, TX: Two Graduates Stray From Degree, Career Path To Open Food Trailer

If this does not work out then I would consider going back, but I couldn’t imagine going back into the cubical environment. I’d rather be my own boss from now on. It was just one of those things where I graduated and felt obligated to go and put in some time working.

National News: Hold That Mini-Burger – Restaurants Forecast Food For 2013

Technology is in and bacon-flavored chocolate is out, says a recent survey of 1,800 chefs across the nation

Infographic: Chicagoans, Lunch & Food Trucks

Chicagoans would dine out more frequently if food trucks were more available to them.

NYC: Officials Look to Regulate Food Trucks

"When you approve something, you should have to put down a proposed location.”

NYC: Community Board Wants to Keep Tabs on Food Trucks

Food trucks who've been kicked out of Midtown and the Upper East Side are flooding the Upper West Side

The Sky’s the Limit for the Food Cart Biz

Technomic Inc., a Chicago-based restaurant industry research firm, says the mobile food industry is in its infancy and is far from reaching its apex.

Boston: City Council Passes Ordinance to Expand Food Truck Access

OnApril 6th, the Boston City Council passed an ordinance to expand access to food trucks in Boston, beyond downtown and into the city’s neighborhoods.