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Toronto, CAN: Sweet Ride

It’s the Cupcake Diner, and it’s the latest addition to an upscale food truck craze that has been sweeping North America for more than two years now, and has finally reached this city.

Granada Hills, CA: Another Skirmish In The Food Truck War

Over the course of the last several months, they've watched the number of food trucks — or as they call them, "roach coaches" — burgeon on the stretch between Yarmouth and Zelzah, growing from one or two, parked only in front of Menchie's, to tonight's herd of fifteen trucks, spread up and down the street.

Denver: Win Free Food & Beer for Saturday’s Food Truck Warriors Kickoff Party!

Come Saturday at 2 p.m., the parking lot at Ninth and Bannock will morph into a food orgy, when nearly a dozen Denver street-food trucks and carts.

Track that Truck! Sweet Ride Chicago

Each truck menu item is made fresh that morning, with the finest ingredients (Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon and bittersweet Belgian chocolate anyone?) and fresh fruits.

Chicago: Fido to Go, a Food Truck for Dogs – Coming Soon

On May 7th, a new food truck will join Chicago's rapidly-growing fleet. It's called Fido To Go, and it's a food truck for dogs.

LA: “Mobile Food Truck Properties” Food Truck Flap

Food truck chasers criticized the tactics of Mobile Food Truck Properties. The Cypress-based firm, launched by the owners of Calbi, organized and booked food truck events in Southern California.

DC: Alumna Sells Sweet Treats Out of Environmentally-Friendly Food Truck

Camille Dierksheide, a 1995 graduate, has made a name for herself in Virginia for her environment-friendly solar-powered crepe truck business.

Chicago: ‘Sweet Ride’ Rolls Around With Gourmet Desserts

Sweet Ride is a tasty addition to Chicago's line of food trucks that have been recently popping up all over town. Sweet Ride is a tasty addition to Chicago's line of food trucks that have been recently popping up all over town.

Gourmet Meals On Wheels In Chicago

While Chicago's City Council debates whether or not to allow mobile trucks to prepare food on them, a number of entrepreneurs are moving ahead, by cooking in licensed kitchens, then loading up trucks and selling to office workers during the day.

Chicago: A ‘Sweet Ride’ Rolls Into Town

This business venture and food truck is always on the prowl for new customers throughout the Chicago land. The food truck is Kuri's office and she’s the head baker, driver and cashier for the Sweet Ride food truck that graced the streets of Northbrook on Saturday.