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Tampa, FL: Food Truck Square on Platt Provides Permanent Home for Dining

Several food trucks have joined forces for a seven-days-a-week eating experience in the 1700 block of West Platt Street, Tampa Bay's 10 News reports.

Tampa. FL: Institute for Justice Shows How to Stand Up to City Hall

It is the constitutional right of every business to be allowed to operate

Food Trucks a Booming Business in Tampa

Food trucks in Tampa are getting the green light to keep on rolling.

Tampa Hosts 1st Food Truck Rally Saturday

Todd Sturtz, author of the new food blog Tasting Tampa, organized the rally after visiting a food truck event in Orlando

Gourmet Food Trucks Making Inroads Around Tampa Bay

The food truck craze departs from the 1980s office roach coach or even the Texas rancher's chuck wagon in one key respect