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Alexandria, VA: Food Truck Debate Keeps Rolling On

As city officials discuss letting food trucks operate in Alexandria, the popular mobile eateries remain banned on private and public property in the city, with the exception of construction sites.

Wausau, WI: Local Business Owners, Leaders Developing Food Cart Ordinance

City business owners, civic leaders and food vendors Wednesday began crafting an ordinance that would allow permits for food carts or trucks in Wausau.

Tonight: Napa Council to Discuss Food Trucks

TONIGHT: The Napa City Council will discuss food trucks when it meets at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

LaBonge: The “La” Doesn’t Stand for “Los Angeles” & Either Does “LaBonge”!

DOT Officer (guys who write tickets) was instructed by his superiors to "throw the book" at you, the mobile food operator.