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Toronto, CAN: Keep on Trucking – Mobile Food Carts are here to stay, says...

Mobile food palaces are popping up everywhere. Many of the trucks featured in the new season were not even in existence a couple of years ago, Cunningham points out.

An A La Truck Menu

The menu wasn’t just a la carte, it was a la truck.

For These Sandwich Lovers, the Cheese Stands Alone (video)

In 50-minute heats, they grilled 20 samples, delivered by "cheese runners" to "spectator judges," members of the public who paid $12 to attend, and "executive judges," who included food critics, restaurant owners and cheese connoisseur Laura Werlin, who just published her second grilled-cheese cookbook.

West Palm Beach: New Food Truck Rolls In With Fab Street Fare

That spiffy sea-foam green food truck you may have seen tooling about West Palm in the past two weeks is certainly worth chasing. It’s the Curbside Gourmet, a take-out window on wheels, dispensing some pretty outstanding “street food.