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Falls Church, VA: No Violations for Falls Church Food Truck

A "critical violation" is one that "poses a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served." Non-critical violations are generally related to cleaning or maintenance.

Food Truck Culture: Is There Room for National Chains?

Quick-service restaurants are looking at the food trucks as more than just an agile promotional vehicle!

St. Catharines, ON: Food Truck Push on in St. Catharines

Siscoe insists food trucks aren't a threat to bricks & mortar restaurants

Buffalo: Leave the Food Trucks Alone, Paladino

Here we have Carl Paladino, of all people, WHINING!

Photo Essay: Orlando Food Trucks

Every weekend, gourmet food trucks gather and set up shop in different neighborhoods and residents are delighted.

Philadelphia Building Food Truck Momentum

Guapos Tacos, Latin Farmer & The Buttercream Cupcake Lady trucks all in one place!

NYC: Food Trucks Shift Strategies as Police Crackdown Continues

Driven by police from popular blocks across Midtown, food truck drivers and their fans are struggling

Williamsburg, NY – Falafel War Between Palestinians & Israelis on Bedford Ave

An Israeli food truck is encroaching on territory long claimed by Williamsburg’s beloved Palestinian-owned Oasis restaurant, forcing foodies to chose their sandwiches carefully.