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Fayetteville, NC: Fayetteville Officials Ponder New Regulations on Food Trucks

Fayetteville officials say they want to begin regulating so-called food trucks, and trailers, because they are a growing alternative for a meal on the go.

Kansas City, MO: MAG Specialty Vehicles (MSV), Invites Customer to KC Production Facility

Seasoned entrepreneurs Duckwall Investment Company tasked MSV with designing, theming, and manufacturing their newest venture, a mobile catering kitchen

Austin, TX: Austin Food Trailers Gain More National Recognition

he Peached Tortilla (#34) offers fusion tacos and the greatest hits from its Yume burger truck, while the much newer Hey You Gonna Eat or What (#89) specializes in pro sandwiches.

Austin, TX: The End is Near for South Congress Food Trailers

Trailer owners at the hot spot say they've known for years that they'd eventually have to move to make way for a hotel. Last month they received the official notice they'd have to move after the weekend.

Georgetown, TX: Food Trucks Roll into Georgetown

Casey’s Food Court expected to open in May after several delays

Austin, TX: One Month Left for South Congress Food Trucks

Time is almost up for several food trailers parked in a popular South Congress Avenue lot to find a new home as developers assigned a final move-out dateto make way for a new hotel.

Austin, TX: Qui’s SouthBites Showcases Delicious Diversity

Food trucks from near and far delight SXSW visitors

National News: Starting A Food Truck Business

Getting one of these mobile kitchens can end up making you a great profit.