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Johnson, TN: Mobile Food Truck Vendor Ordinance Non-Existent in Johnson City

A brand new food truck in Johnson City is finding out it is having trouble fitting in. It is not because of the food they are serving. The issue is there is no ordinance on the books in the city for mobile food trucks.

Cape Coral, FL: Proposed Cape Ordinance Could Hurt Business for Food Trucks

Cape Coral City Council members will discuss a proposed ordinance that could cook up trouble for small businesses

Food Truck Culture: Is There Room for National Chains?

Quick-service restaurants are looking at the food trucks as more than just an agile promotional vehicle!

Phoenix, AZ: Chef Buzz and Bee of Buzznbeez Good Food Truck

I feel like I'm Ms. America...or Ms. Bumble America," says Bee.

Largo, FL: Food Trucks Get Mixed Reviews

Food trucks may be allowed to operate in the city of Largo on a trial basis.

Houston: Food Truck Land Food Trucks Disappointed with ‘Food Truck Friday’

Crawl was "unprofessional" and "not for the benefit of food trucks."

Miley Cyrus Gives Example of BAD Diet?

Miley Cyrus, 18, was with her mom when they spotted a food truck on the streets of Culver City, California.

On May 17, Miami-Dade Commissioners May Squash Food Trucks

Maybe the county was content with having truck owners purchase the required county tax stamp, gain permission of the owner of whatever property they were on and pull an event permit.

Cincinnati: Foodquest – Taco Azul & Servatii Yogurt

Taco Azul was parking on Court St. , Downtown’s food court. Lots of choices here, including two food trucks.