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Tampa, FL: After Philly Food Truck Explodes, Inspection Questions at Tampa Rally

Tampa Fire Marshal Milton Jenkins heard about the explosion Wednesday morning and immediately thought of Tampa's rally. He checked on the reports and found that the trucks had not been inspected before the event started, as required. So he went down to the food truck rally himself to check it out. He met an inspector there.

Seattle, WA: Marijuana Food Truck Set to Roll into Washington State this Weekend

Washington and Colorado are currently the only two states with laws supporting recreational marijuana use.

Minneapolis, MN: Council Limits Could Keep Food Truck From Coming to Hopkins

A Minneapolis food truck operator wants to sell food in front of the Hopkins Tavern. Council members worry that could benefit one business at the expense of others.

Hoboken, NJ: More Parking Enforcement to Come

City working on related agreement with food truck owners

The Importance of Using OEM Food Service Parts: Food Truck Operator Savings

While generic parts claim to be the same thing, there's no accounting for the grade and tensile strength of specific components

Turn your iPad into a Food Truck Cash Register with ShopKeep

Turns an iPad into a complete Food Truck P.O.S. cash register system

Political Food Fight Can Be Avoided

Calgary moves forward with an expansion of its street-food culture

Columbia, SC to Consider Changing Mobile Eatery Ordinance

Columbia's City Council is set to take up amending an ordinance governing temporary vendors or food trucks in the city limits.

Jackson, MS: Food Truck Operator Fined By the State

Ward 1 City Councilman Quentin Whitwell, a lawyer, has offered pro bono legal counsel to ensure that Ferdinand obtains necessary licensure to operate a legal food truck business.

Food Truck Regulation on Santa Monica Radar

Santa Monica’s city council has a full plate at its upcoming June 21 meeting, perhaps the largest portion of which deals with the future of food truck regulation in the city.