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Nashville, TN: Nashville Food Trucks Book Launch Party this Saturday (Plus a Giveaway)

Nashville Food Trucks: Stories & Recipes from the Road features the stories of how and why Nashville’s favorite food truck operators got started, as well as recipes for signature menu items.

Washington, DC: New Washington, DC, Food Truck Rules Are (Mostly) Good (So Far)

If the first week under the new regulations is a harbinger of the long-term impact of the rules, then I’m cautiously optimistic.

National News: How One Association Is Leading a Food Truck Revolution

A lot of times when you first start up an association, you jump into the argument that’s already being had instead of creating your own talking points.

Amherst, NH: Amherst Food Truck Permit Proposal Ditched

The board also agreed to “start from scratch” and come back with a revised law that would address more of the food truck operators’ concerns after a two-hour public hearing in a packed house that included some ardent arguments and a few tears.

Louisville, KY: Louisville Food Truck Operators to Gather Downtown Tuesday

People were under the misconception that mobile food only went over well in places like California, where the weather was nice year round. But I beg to differ because Louisville is a huge foodie town.

Wilmington, NC: Food Trucks Take Over Commercial Space

Wilmington city rules require food truck operators to work from brick-and-mortar kitchens, a mandate challenging food truck operators.

Dayton, OH: Dayton Prepares Rules for Food Trucks, Not Everyone Pleased

The city of Dayton is getting closer to allowing food trucks to operate on the street, but it is still imposing restrictions that food truck operators would rather do without.

Ravenswood, IL: Koval Distillery Revives Food Truck Wednesdays

The craft spirits specialist has once again persuaded food truck operators to park their mobile eateries at the distillery during scheduled distillery tours. Passers-by are also welcome to grab some grub on the go.

Columbus, OH: Columbus Plans New Laws Regulating Food Trucks

City officials in Columbus are looking into new laws because of increasing tension between the food truck operators and restaurant owners and neighborhood leaders.

Chicago, IL: Onerous Regulations Keep Food Trucks from Feeding Chicagoans

The city wants to see a thriving food truck industry that also maintains important health and safety standards that are in place to protect the public