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Oklahoma, OK: These Okies Want to Help you Find Some Meals on Wheels

Dozens of food trucks pack the city streets, but what happens to the gourmet eateries on wheels once the night is over? Josh Delozier and Travis Stephens made finding food trucks as easy as a tap of a button with TruckItOKC. Delozier said they created the app last year with the help of food truck owners to give them what they wanted in an app.

Jacksonville, FL: Proposed Regulations Come with Support from Jax Food Trucks

Regulation on health compliance is done at the state level, but it is up to the City to decide when and where the food trucks can operate. Countless food truck owners attended the meetings because they were shocked at Brown’s first proposal.

Charlotte, NC: Safety Key for Local Food Trucks After Incident in Philly

The trucks get annual vehicle inspections and checks from the health department - but that's it - and some food truck owners say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a little more oversight.

Toronto, CAN: Food Truck Restrictions “Tough” for Owners

Mobile businesses get creative to make permits worth $5,000 expense

Cape Coral, FL: Proposed Cape Ordinance Could Hurt Business for Food Trucks

Cape Coral City Council members will discuss a proposed ordinance that could cook up trouble for small businesses

Sacramento, CA: Mobile Food Trucks – Food To Go With A Side of Sales...

Every time a mobile food truck crosses a county line or city limits, the owner has to charge the prevailing sales tax in that locale

Knoxville, TN: Food Truck Meeting Set for July 31

. The city plans to announce the details in a meeting next Wednesday evening, so put it on your calendar. We're hopeful that this will be a happy and supportive meeting, with none of the crazy battles between food truck owners and restaurant owners that have happened in other cities, but we aren't holding our breath.

Columbus, OH: Plan to Regulate Food Trucks Stuck on Slow Boil

Some owners want the city to reserve the metered spots just for food trucks during certain hours of the day. Mills said the city is considering that.

Chicago, IL: New Food Truck Tracking App Launches

The app, which originally launched in Atlanta, is available in eight cities. TruckSpotting gives out GPS units to truck owners and the truck's location shows up on the website and the iPhone and Android apps.

Rochester, NY: City Council Approves Food Truck Plan

The City of Rochester has given the food trucks the green light to serve downtown. City Council voted yes to a pilot program for the business owners during its meeting at City Hall.