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Phoenix, AZ: Lunch In The Lot – Food Truck Fare

Join us every second Thursday of the month for food and entertainment!

Wilmington, NC: Bites & Sips – Food Truck Owners Set Up Commissary

Watching Wilmington's food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern marketplace.

Chicago, IL: U. of C. Boasts Thriving Food Truck Scene

It’s so nice to have a bunch of relatively inexpensive options with hardly any wait. “When I’m in a rush and want to finish up some work from my 1:30 class, I get lunch from a truck, take it inside, and work. It’s very convenient, and the food is so much better than we usually get.

Durham, NC: Nothing Says Love Like Food from a Truck

Don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Well, join us for our next RTP food truck rodeo:

Wilmington, NC: Local Food Truck Scene Continues to Evolve

Watching Wilmington’s food truck scene evolve is a lesson in the modern business place.

Hyderabad, IN: Street Vendors Whip Up A Recipe for Success

Street food joints cater to a majority of people in the city and if these outlets are removed, the cost that one has to bear and the effort that one has to put in scouting for affordable food would be huge.

New York, NYC: 4 Social Media Lessons From a Successful Food Truck

I started our food truck in 2010, I cyber-stalked food trucks on the West Coast and in New York City to find out how they were using Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

Baltimore, MD: Meet Wheyich, Baltimore’s Newest Food Truck

By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun Meet Wheyich, Baltimore's newest food truck. Specializing in "artisanal cheesy sandwiches," Wheyich rolled off the line in mid-December and...

Washington, DC: D.C. Food Truck App TruckToMe Needs Roadside Assistance

If you’d like to help us out, make sure to always tag your location when tweeting from a mobile device,” the site continues. “That way, we’ll know exactly where you are!

Atlanta, GA: Pretzelmaker

A lot of our customers crave Pretzelmaker’s pretzel products so we thought of the perfect way to bring the experience to our fans. We have a state of the art truck with the same ovens and equipment that we use in our retail locations.