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Stronger for the Battle, Devilicious Keeps on Truckin’

After coasting through the first round of the competition in Las Vegas, they were ousted during the second leg in Salt Lake City

Mr. Sorrento’s on Wheels in Hershey, PA vies for spot on Food Network Show

“I was totally surprised, caught off guard. Someone nominated me and I don’t know how I got nominated,” he said.

Seattle: Where Ya At Matt Intent on Winning Food Network Contest

Where Ya At Matt is offering free beignets for a week if it wins the contest.

On “Great Food Truck Race” Week 1, Hodge Podge ROCKS Some C-Town Love.

Double the money: that's the extra challenge in season two

Tyler Florence: ‘Great’ Gets Greater

Last truck standing driving away with $100,000 -- A prize that truly brought out everyone's A game.

Mobile Food Trend Just Keeps on Truckin’

Roxy's is one of eight teams, culled from several hundred casting candidates

Devilicious Food Truck Brings Gourmet Cooking to the Streets

If you’ve never eaten food from a food truck, you may not know what you’re missing.

CT Trucks Nominated For “The Great Food Truck Race”

So far, six Connecticut trucks have been nominated:

Food Network Great Food Truck Race: Meet the Tasty Eight [VIDEO]

Food Network competition series The Great Food Truck Race returns for a second season...

Food Truck Names That Should Be Banned

When it comes to food trucks, puns are without a doubt the most common rhetorical devices ever.